OPTICODEC 7600 Audio Codec

The Opticodec 7600 has been designed and engineered by our German Engineering team from the ground up with the objective to serve the broadcasters reliably 24/7/365 under all conditions. We have succeeded with our goal, Broadcasters and Telkom providers across the world are broadcasting without fail thanks to the Opticodec 7600.

The Opticodec 7600 is fully DSP based and because we do not use PC processors the unit runs cool under all conditions. No forced cooling required. Opticodec 7600 is equipped with XLR based analog and digital I/O, ISDN interface and Ethernet 10/100BaseT. Optional RS232, up to 3 ISDN interfaces, 2nd Ethernet, X.21/V.35 and GPI.

Configuration and operation through the front panel or by the standard supplied program Orban NetControl which can also be used to configure monitor and connect and configure any Opticodec connected to the network.The Opticodec 7600 distributes audio over all modern communication networks such as ISDN, X.21/V.35, Intranet and Internet. We support SIP/RTP and SIP is fully compliant to EBU TECH 3326. For streaming applications we support RTSP.

Modern codecs should support codec algorithms such as AAC-LC / AAC-HE / AAC-HEv2, enhanced apt-X (16/24 Bit) AETA 4SB ADPCM, Linear 8 – 24 bits, MPEG L2 and L3, G.711, G.722 with H.221 and SRT. You will be pleased to know we have made all of these codecs available. Once the Opticodec has been plugged in and set-up you will never have to think about it again. If you consider that the Opticodec is manufactured in Germany to the highest possible standards, the software is reliable (bullet proof ) and that the unit can be configured remotely to fulfill your audio broadcast requirements you need to look no further.