Orban Xponential Loudness™

Get transparent studio-level dynamic processing for all your smart devices.

If you download, stream or play music on any digital device, your music is digitally-compressed. This compression can remove UP TO 90% of the audio details originally recorded in your favorite songs – so you're left listening to a reduced, flattened version of the real thing - it’s like you ordered a pizza but end up eating the box it came in.

90% of Your Audio is Lost in a Stream

Orban's new Xponential Loudness™ algorithm searches your compressed music in real-time looking for lost music details - it then intelligently corrects waveform deficiencies and restores the harmonic impact of the original recording.  Based on music mastering algorithms developed by Orban engineers, Xponential Loudness supports all existing music file formats: MP3, AAC, satellite radio, YouTube, and all other playback and streaming music services.

Get Your Music Back with Xpontential Loudness™

Xponential Loudness™ Applications

Would you like to see how the Orban patented Xponential Loudness technology can significantly improve your audio quality? If you are a automotive ODM-OEM, an audio-video manufacturer or an internet, satellite or terrestrial broadcaster and are interested in testing Xponential Loudness with your own content, email your sample content to and describe your application. One of our loudness experts will process and return your demo content for your evaluation.


Orban Xponential Loudness™
is so powerful it is protected by several United States patents.