Orban Legacy Service

Factory service and third-party repair services are listed below. Check with the following services for pricing and warranty policy. Orban repair warranty applies only to Orban factory repair.

Orban Labs, Inc., Attn: Service Department
500 N. 56th Street, Ste 6
Chandler, AZ 85226, USA

Do I need to call for an RA (return authorization) number before sending a unit for repair?

Yes. Prior return authorization is required on repairs. Please call Orban Customer Service at (480) 403-8300 for an RA (SR) number. Pack the unit carefully and include a note describing the problem you are experiencing. If the problem is intermittent, be sure to specify the associated conditions. Include your name and pertinent contact information including telephone number and e-mail address in case we have questions after we start the servicing. Also, specify any special return shipping instructions. Units are shipped back via ground transport in North America unless otherwise specified.


How long will the repair take?

We try to maintain a two week turnaround time, meaning fourteen calendar days from the time we receive your unit until we ship it out. However, significant variations in repair volume may vary that time. Call Customer Service and ask about the current situation if timing is critical.

I can't find the original box? What should I do?

If you don't want to take any chances, call and ask us to send you a new shipping carton. But you'll have to pay for it that way (we send you a new one free when your repair comes back). In most cases, you can wrap it carefully in several layers of bubble pack. NEVER pack in crumpled newspaper or similar methods. Fit it snugly in a STURDY shipping box, mark it as fragile electronic equipment, and it should arrive undamaged. However, we take no responsibility for any shipping damage that occurs en route to us.

Where do I send it?

Orban, Attn: Service Department
500 N. 56th Street, Ste 6
Chandler, AZ 85226

How much will a repair cost?

Depending on the unit, we charge either parts and labor, flat rate, or plus rate. For plus rate charges or for any units that do not appear on the list contact Orban Customer Service. Return shipping costs are additional. All units are returned in new factory cartons. Repairs that are billed at a flat rate are those units that Orban has determined to be of normal condition. Repairs that are billed at a plus rate are units that have been modified by a non-Orban representative, have missing circuit cards, or have been severely damaged (e.g. chassis damage, lightning/flood damage, etc.). Orban will ultimately determine if units are subject to a plus rate charge. You can pay for repairs by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and pre-paid or C.O.D.