• Multifunctional Keypad

  • Customizable Direct Dial Keys for algorithms

  • Cursor Positioning: Up, Down, Left, Right

  • Numeric Keypad, Help, Redial, Quick Dial, Hang Up

  • Display Contrast and Headphones Loudness Adjustment

We currently support the following algorithms:

  • Enhanced apt-X (16/24)-Bit (optional, IP only)

  • MPEG 1 Layer II and III

  • MPEG 2 Layer II and III

  • Linear 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 bits

  • 4SB ADPCM (AETA standard)

  • G.711

  • G.722

The new 7600 is one of the easiest codecs to work with, whether you are using only the front panel control, or our OPTICODEC-PC remote.

Everything is straight forward. Simplicity comes first!