In the toughest competitive environment ever, a winning strategy includes OPTIMOD-FM/HD 8600.

Featuring versatile five-band and two-band processing for both analog FM transmission and digital media, the 8600 provides the industry's most consistent sound, track-to-track and source-to-source. This consistency allows you to create a sonic signature for your station with the assurance that your signature will stay locked in, uniquely branding your sound.

  • Orban’s MX limiter technology lowers distortion, improves transient punch, and minimizes preemphasis-induced high frequency loss.
  • Exclusive “Multipath Mitigator” phase corrector minimizes stereo subchannel energy without compromising stereo separation.
  • HD/digital radio/streaming processing is included at no extra cost.
  • Provides a built-in RDS generator with dynamic PS.
  • A dedicated low-delay headphone monitor chain lets you dial in controlled amounts of “FM limiter sound” to match talent preferences.
  • Versatile remote control by responsive PC Remote application, Telnet-style ASCII terminal commands, and SNMP. Supports Ethernet and serial connections.
  • Delivers the inimitable “Optimod Sound,” proven to attract and hold audiences worldwide.