The OPTIMOD 8600 provides the industry's most consistent sound allowing you to create a sonic signature for your station

The OPTIMOD 8600 can be used for analog FM processing as well as for HD/digital radio/streaming processing at no extra cost. It provides you with Orban’s MX limiter technology which lowers distortion, improves transient punch, and minimizes preemphasis-induced high frequency loss. A special feature unique to the OPTIMOD 8600 and the OPTIMOD 8700i is the Multipath Mitigator phase corrector. It minimizes stereo subchannel energy without compromising stereo separation. The 8600 has a built-in RDS generator with dynamic PS as well as a dedicated low-delay headphone monitor chain that lets you dial in controlled amounts of “FM limiter sound” to match talent preferences. More outstanding features are described in the Key Features section.

The OPTIMOD 8600 delivers the inimitable “Optimod Sound,” proven to attract and hold audiences worldwide. Try it yourself and contact your local supplier for a demo.