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MX Limiter
Orban’s exclusive MX Limiter increases average modulation while reducing distortion and improving speech intelligibility, and increasing HF power handling capability. 

20% Power Savings
Compared to other AM processors, provides up to 20% power savings when using MDCL AMC 3 dB dynamic carrier power control. 

Processing for multiple broadcast types
Suitable for long wave, medium wave, and shortwave (HF) AM broadcasts. 

Maximum coverage
Cuts through today’s high RF noise environments, maximizing coverage. 

Diversity Delay
Mono/stereo analog AM processing and HD Radio/netcast processing with built-in diversity delay and delay ramping. 

Dense positive peaks
XPN-AM can create dense positive peaks to 150% modulation. 

Versatile transmitter equalizer can tune out tilt and ringing in transmission systems. 

Variable bandwidth
Variable bandwidth from 2.5 KHz to 9.5 KHz (NRSC), with parametric input filter shapes to trade off brightness against ringing. 

Complements the high frequency roll-off
Receiver equalizer shapes pre-emphasis can complement the high frequency roll-off of an “average” AM radio as determined by NRSC tests in 2006.