The Orban NeuStar AIR2 Radio Processor is a one stream AES stereo audio processor, specifically designed to improve the audio performance of low bit rate HD Radio multicasts, DAB and DRM channels with particular focus on stereo at 24 kbps.The NeuStar AIR2 features industry-proven Eclipse Loudness Measurement technology to provide accurate loudness measurements and newly developed psychoacoustic processing with look-ahead gain correction to make audio level adjustments that are transparent to listeners.

Orban's proprietary Eclipse codec pre-processing engine has been specially tuned for operation at 24 kbps, 32 kbps, 48 kbps, 64 kbps and 96 kbps bit rates to significantly reduce artifacts from lossy codecs and low-bit rate transmission.

The NeuStar AIR2 is an easy-to-operate 1RU unit complete with bright accurate bargraph metering, rear-panel GPIO, and Ethernet interface for status monitoring and settings/preset management and field software updates. Orban's NeuStar AIR2 delivers pristine, powerful sound and has all the tools broadcasters need to get their station’s “signature sound” across their multicasts while saving time, money and space.