iMix 5.1 Headphone Monitor

Designed for critical monitoring and quality control, the iMix 5.1 Monitor is the world’s first surround headphone system that doesn't rely on an artificial ambience or special encoding to create 5.1 surround in headphones. Orban’s DSX Headphone Surround™ algorithm delivers a rock-solid soundfield and features the latest version ITU-R BS.1770 loudness measurement.

  • Headphone monitor for 5.1 surround program audio using the latest version ITU-R BS. 1770 loudness measurement for compliance worldwide.
  • Uses any type of headphone, including open back, closed-back, in-ear or earbuds.
  • Built-in Zenith control eliminates need for individual HRTF calibration or special setup.
  • No proprietary encoding is needed to accurately render a discrete 5.1 soundstage with complete stability.
  • Test tone locations are rendered with absolute image integrity including Black & Lane's Identification Tones for Surround (BLITS) and SWOOP tests.
  • Adds no Artificial Ambience to your mix.