Opticodec-PC 1020
Opticodec-PC 1020

Opticodec-PC 1020: Overview

AAC/HE-AAC/aacPlus™ File Encoding from Orban—The World Leader in Transmission Audio Processing for Radio, Television, and DBS Broadcasting


Opticodec-PC FE is highly capable MPEG-4 AAC/aacPlus™ software for high quality audio file encoding. Opticodec-PC FE offers the most important feature that the basic netcaster is looking for in a file-encoding product—entertainment-quality sound at economical file sizes.

Opticodec-PC FE software lets you supply files encoded with the Coding Technologies® AAC / HE AAC / aacPlus codec, widely acknowledged as offering the highest available audio quality at the lowest possible bit rate. AAC/aacPlus™ is changing the way that low bitrate audio is perceived. For a given bitrate, it sonically outperforms any other codec currently available. Compared to MP3, Opticodec-PC's aacPlus codec provides a better than 60% improvement in audio quality versus bit rate, reducing network streaming bandwidth requirements and costs accordingly. At 32 kbps, Opticodec-PC streams offer close to FM quality, without the phasey, watery character of other popular codecs operating at this bit rate. Many listeners prefer the audio quality of 48 kbps streams to FM and other codecs.

Files encoded with Opticodec-PC can be experienced through RealPlayer® 10, QuickTime 6.5, or Winamp 5.08 as well as Apple iTunes and iPods® and all other AAC/aacPlus-enabled 3GPP cellular devices. Opticodec-PC FE is ideal for podcasters and can even encode ringtones, which are now an important new source of revenue for production houses.

Opticodec-PC FE is available for Microsoft Windows® XP/2003 Server. Uncompromised MPEG-4 and 3GPP support means that whatever the target device or server, Opticodec-PC file encoder will create a correctly hinted file that plays right every time, while tagging options ensure that your target audience will see the title and artist on their PC's or mobile cellular devices.

Orban's Optimod-PC audio processor on a PC card is an excellent companion for Opticodec-PC FE. For the last 30 years, Orban's patented Optimod technology has helped radio and television broadcasters everywhere shape their sound to grab and hold their listening audiences. Orban's Optimod-PC 1100, a professional PCI sound card designed for streaming media, provides “genuine radio” audio processing for Internet broadcasters. With three on-board DSP's providing equalization, AGC, multi-band compression, and look-ahead limiting, Optimod-PC 1100, especially when combined with aacPlus encoding technology, delivers a polished and produced stream that has the same loudness, consistency, and punch as satellite and major-market FM radio.

Optimod-PC ordinarily processes the output file for consistency and punch, but it also comes with presets that allow it to do simple protection limiting. In addition to sound card and audio processing functionality, Optimod-PC is also a capable mixer, having one stereo analog input, two AES3 / SPDIF digital inputs, and one wave input, all of which can be mixed. Thanks to onboard sample rate converters, the two digital inputs can accept and mix asynchronous sources. In practice, the four inputs might be used for a local feed, a network feed, a voice channel, and a wave player, making Optimod-PC the heart of a “desktop production studio.” Thanks to separate “processed” and "unprocessed" mixers, any of the inputs in any combination can be processed or passed directly to the input of Opticodec-PC without processing—the user can always choose how much processing (if any) to apply to the audio.

The marketplace has been screaming for broadcast quality from low bit-rate Internet streaming and audio file serving. For the first time in this young industry, combining Optimod audio processing with Opticodec-PC makes it possible to offer the sonic texture of major-market FM broadcasting via the Internet. Low bitrate Internet audio is red hot, and Opticodec-PC is the fuel that puts you ahead of the pack.

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