iMix Monitor
iMix Monitor

iMix Monitor: Overview

iMix 5.1 Headphone Monitor

Designed for critical monitoring and quality control, the iMix 5.1 Monitor is the world’s first surround headphone system that doesn't rely on an artificial ambience or special encoding to create 5.1 surround in headphones.

Orban’s patent-pending DSX Headphone SurroundTM algorithm delivers a rock-solid soundfield and features the latest version ITU-R BS.1770 loudness measurement.

The iMix 5.1 Monitor uses any type of headphone without the need for individual HRTF calibration or special setup - including open and closed-back headphones, in-ear monitors or earbuds. A built-in Zenith control allows fine-tuning of center and surround channel height.

No proprietary surround encoding is required to accurately render a completely stabile and discrete 5.1 sound stage. Test tone locations are rendered with absolute image integrity, including BLITS tones and SWOOP tests without the need for artificial ambience that masks the program audio.

Designed to be used by broadcasters, production houses, content creators, recording studios, mastering houses and HDTV networks, Orban’s iMix 5.1 Monitor represents the only completely compatible, non-ambient-creating surround headphone monitoring technology available.

Options: AoIP, balanced analog audio and HD/SDI inputs, as well as built-in webserver for remote control and logging. Balanced analog audio inputs and HD/SDI input are mutually exclusive options and cannot be combined.


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