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    Orban Introduces
    Orban HiFi

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    our newest flagship
    FM Processor.
    OPTIMOD-FM 8700i
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    The 8700i provides
    the industry’s most consistent sound
    track-to-track and source-to-source.
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    It sounds AMAZING!

    An early 8700 customer review
    It sounds AMAZING on the air.
    Punchiest, loudest, cleanest
    thing ever.

    Nice work guys.
    Brian Michel

    Region SVP Programming


Upgrade your 8500 to the industry leading 8600! Contact your dealer for pricing.

  • Optimod 8685 Surround Brochure
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  • Optimod-PC 1101e
  • » Windows Audio for Professional Broadcasters/Netcasters.
  • » The most universal professional audio card with features
    not found anywhere else.
  • » Give your listeners the best user experience ever.
  • » Prevent the top listener complaints—loudness variation and program
  • » Now two sound cards in one, plus more...

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