November 11, 2002 - San Leandro, CA - Sporting events don’t get any bigger than the World Series of Major League Baseball. And the Orban Opticodec 7000, the portable audio recorder that can edit and also transmit live via ISDN, was there to record the action, both in San Francisco and Anaheim.

Orban / CRL’s Dean Tiernan, Product Manager of Editing and Codecs, was on hand to cover the post-game news conferences and interviews. Tiernan, who has a background in newscasting and as a talk show host, supplied this audio for on-demand listening in the Internet sports editions of The Los Angeles Times and The Orange County Register. He also sent the audio via ISDN to the producers of The Diamond Gems Baseball Show, a syndicated radio program hosted by veteran sportscasters George Castle and Red Motlow. (Diamond Gems can be heard on-line at www.InternetFM.com .)

Commenting on the use of the Orban Opticodec 7000 at the World Series, Tiernan said, “I was able to begin recording and then leave the Opticodec in the interview room. When I returned, I found everything recorded perfectly. It was great to know that I could walk away from the 7000, while it was recording, with complete confidence that the audio would be there when I got back. Equipment can get jostled in crowded news conferences, but the 7000 was able to take the abuse just fine. The 7000 handled the locker rooms, the field and the news conferences...no sweat. The audio was crisp and clear, and was in use right after the games. In addition to sending the audio over ISDN lines, we were able to take the files saved on the 7000 and convert them to Real Audio for use on the sports websites of The Los Angeles Times and The Orange County Register.”

The Orban Opticodec 7000 contains an ISO/MPEG Layer II and Layer III compliant CODEC for use with ISDN. Also included are G.722 7kHz and G.711 telephone modes. Opticodec reduces the bit-rate required to transmit and receive audio between the audio source and the remote receiver location.

The ISDN interface provides support for ISDN telephones, eliminating the requirement for additional 1MB service for voice communication. Opticodec 7000 includes a digital audio recorder and digital audio editor for ISO/MPEG Layer II, and transmits ISO/MPEG Layer III over ISDN in a very small, lightweight battery or AC powered package. The Opticodec 7000 is designed for a broad range of uses from mobile news gathering and broadcasting for both radio and TV to studio production using voice and music.

About Orban
Founded in 1970 by Bob Orban, the world's foremost expert in transmission audio processing for broadcast, Orban leads the industry in the design and manufacture of audio processors for radio, television and Internet broadcasting. Recognized for its standard-setting Optimod ® digital audio processors and the Audicy digital audio workstation, the Orban name has become synonymous with reliable, high performance products. Today, its versatile audio processing equipment, editing tools and codecs are the products of choice in fast-paced production environments worldwide. In 2000, Orban ® was acquired by CRL — a manufacturer of high-quality digital and analog audio processing, transmission encoding, and noise reduction equipment. Orban now accounts for the majority of the global market for radio, TV and Internet audio processing. As technology evolves, Orban continues to innovate with state-of-the-art audio processing products for DAB, DTV and streaming media.

Orban Forward-Looking Statements
This news release may contain "forward-looking" statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Management's anticipation of future events is based upon assumptions regarding levels of competition, research and development results, raw material markets, the markets in which the company operates, and stability of the regulatory environment. Any of these assumptions could prove inaccurate, and therefore there can be no assurance that the forward-looking information will prove to be accurate. Orban develops, manufactures and markets electronic audio processing, transmission encoding and noise reduction equipment for the worldwide radio, television, cable, Internet and professional audio markets. The Orban division manufactures and markets audio processing equipment, primarily using digital technology. Orban Europe is a worldwide leader in ISO/MPEG, audio, ISDN, satellite transmission, networking, and storage. More information is available at www.orban.com and www.orban-europe.com.

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